• Przygotowalnia w drukarni Granpak
  • Przygotowalnia w drukarni Granpak
  • Przygotowalnia w drukarni Granpak
  • Przygotowalnia w drukarni Granpak

Specifications of sent files


Preparation of the production process

The company offers comprehensive printing services in offset printing technique, starting from the design of the well-equipped graphic studio, which guarantees professional advice during  packaging design. As a result of professional cooperation - electronic project  is created with the ability to make  an order for model for cardboard packaging.

Projects  are based on one of the latest PANDORA Software, which is a solution designed to creating efficiently templates for packaging  ready for printing operation, including complex systems. PANDORA software gives control over the layout information, such as graphics, dimensioning and positioning of the original file to final product while maintaining accuracy and reliability.
Przygotowalnia w drukarni Granpak
Przygotowalnia w drukarni Granpak
Przygotowalnia w drukarni Granpak
Our equipment includes:
  • KODAK Trendsetter 1600 Platesetter
  • proof EPSON StylusPro 7900
  • measuring equipment including TECHKON SpectroDens
KODAK Trendsetter 1600
Our CtP Kodak Trendsetter 1600 large-format system - the first installed in Europe - is one of many elements of our large investment plan:

  • this type of platesetter offers semi-automatic handling, stability, easy operation and high imaging quality. In addition to standard thermal plates, they can also work with process-free plates, temperature-sensitive films and, in the Spectrum system, temperature-sensitive digital raster test prints. These devices operate at 15 plates per hour. Because their construction is easy to expand, they are an investment that can be adapted to the needs of the printing house and its clients.
  • the software has a Prinergy Connect configuration that includes control over PDF workflow and a built-in option of a colour management system view, advanced trapping options, Oracle database, JDF support for data management and connection with workflow modules.
  • the platesetter is also equipped with Pandora software, offering advanced step-and-repeat functions that avoid the high costs associated with other solutions.
EPSON StylusPro 7900
Proof prints are created on EPSON equipment, which allows adjustment of colours for the offset device. The EPSON device is periodically linearised and calibrated with a TECHCON spectrophotometer. The calibration process takes place after every change of paper or inks. Each proof print has a calibration strip for ongoing spectrophotometric control. Additionally, proof prints have stickers that allow for assessing the correctness of the light used for colour evaluation. All these features mean GRANPAK proof prints are contract proofs, meeting all the requirements of the ISO standard for offset printing.
TECHCON SpectroDens
A state-of-the-art colour measurement solution for every application from pre-press to print. It combines the qualities of a spectrophotometer and a densitometer and provides complete colour information.


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