• Kaszerowanie opakowań w drukarni Granpak


Laminated packaging

This technology is intended for clients who are primarily interested in higher packaging durability.
A characteristic trait of this type of packaging is good aesthetics thanks to offset printing techniques.

The distinguishing features of GRANPAK’s laminated packaging include:

  • a wide range of design possibilities
  • increased strength and durability
  • the ability to use various laminated layers, combined with high quality microwave cardboard

They can be best used for products that customers “buy with their eyes” and when it is crucial for packaging to draw the customer’s attention. With laminating we obtain very sophisticated packaging with high quality and durability.

The equipment that allows us to offer this product includes:

  • Stock fully automatic laminating machine, B0 format
  • STM A0-format fully automatic laminating machine
Kaszerowanie opakowań w drukarni Granpak
Kaszerowanie opakowań w drukarni Granpak
Kaszerowanie opakowań w drukarni Granpak
The right choice of materials
Depending on the client’s needs, we generally use corrugated cardboard of E, B, C, BC and BE types, and chalk or coated cardboard GC1, GC2 or GD2 (white, cream or with grey underside).

Products can be finished with:

  • selective lamination (e.g. logo only), or on the entire surface, with UV varnish
  • die stamping
  • thermal printing
  • glossy or matte foil


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