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  • Drukarnia opakowań Granpak


New directions for packaging

For some products, packaging is just a temporary element for shipping; for others, like consumer goods, packaging is an essential element of the product itself. Packaging production plays a crucial role in handling, storage, sales and marketing. So it’s natural that the introduction of modern packaging should focus on meeting clients’ requirements for safe transport, but above all it should help make the product more attractive in trade and advertising - this is how we started...
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The Packaging is the Product

Packaging is no longer just an addition to the product; it is an independent product itself. As an important part of the sales strategy, it should meet the consumer’s needs perfectly. Consumer preferences are based on the promotional functions of the packaging, which distinguishes the product. This role may be played by attractive cardboard packaging. It influences the buyer in many ways. Above all, it should be attractive, in order to draw attention, create a desire for the product and encourage a purchase. Every manufacturer is aware of these features of packaging. A suitably presented product creates its own demand, and packaging is an integral part of better sales for any product. It arouses interest and provides information about the product, and this is the challenge we always try to meet...

Following the newest trends

In response to developing client needs, there is more and more modern, colourful transport packaging, replacing standard grey cartons. Our investments in modern manufacturing equipment are driven by this trend.


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